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Magic Realism


The horse has been man’s faithful companion for thousands of years, accompanying him in his work or on battlefields, carrying  his loads. Being the man’s legs, bringing him speed and endurance. The power of the horse has always inspired me.


My love of magic leaded me naturally to slide from horses to unicorns, these wild, independent animals, also symbol of purity and fidelity.


The cat is a friendly pet but rather expeditious with it comes to its prey. Felines are even wilder and their bestial flexibility is famous and impressive.

I always liked to divert reality and, when I feel playful, I do not hesitate to place them in an equal ratio with a mouse or a tiny hummingbird when it comes to picking a gem.


In the last century I discovered the impressive work of Audubon and I really wanted to honor him. At first, I painted rather realistic birds, almost acceptable by  an ornithologist, but gradually I chose to put them in dreaming situations or to see them through a twisted gaze.

Hommage au taureau.jpg

Other animals

The bestiary is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration for animals carry symbols in the history of the World, sometimes even different by countries, cultures or periods.

Strange animals

... Unknown but certainly, all human beings able to dream, will inevitably meet them one day. They reveal that the magic really exists and has as much, if not even more, reasons to be, than ordinary banality. To me, it is essential for the survival of mankind that the extraordinary foreruns everything.

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